As the record of new covid cases hides a reality: the pandemic in Portugal is less serious than a year ago

As the record of new covid cases hides a reality

More than 17,000 cases in one day: there have never been so many. But when you compare data from December 21st to 28th of this year with data from a year ago, it appears that there are far fewer deaths, hospitalizations and patients in intensive care units – and also less positivity in the tests. … Read more

Will you release your next album? Selena Gomez’s striking new tattoo hides a secret

Dates, motivational phrases, names of loved ones or illustrations with hidden meaning … tattoos have gone from being almost irreversible fun and have become a special way of expressing our most intimate values ​​and feelings. As the expert she is in radical image changes and unexpected transformations, Selena Gomez it was the last celebrity to … Read more