Maneskin, Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis? The indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Maneskin Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis The indiscretion after

The photo posted by Damiano David for his girlfriend’s birthday Giorgia Soleri made the fans melt. Followers not used to the Maneskin frontman’s private life posts went crazy in front of the image of the two guys all dressed up ready to celebrate “Pepe”, that’s what Damiano calls it. But according to rumors it seems … Read more

Ini Weekend Watchlist di Vision+, Ada One Small Indiscretion hingga Shoot Me in the Heart : Okezone Celebrity

Ini Weekend Watchlist di Vision Ada One Small Indiscretion hingga

WELCOME on weekends, Vision+ provides a series of exciting and quality shows to fill the relaxing time of its users. “What is unique about OTT Vision+ is that not only does it provide on demand content, Vision+ also provides local and international TV channels that can be enjoyed live as well as catch-up. This weekend, … Read more