Israel: Nir Hefetz, mercenary communicator and key witness in the trial of Binyamin Netanyahu

Israel Nir Hefetz mercenary communicator and key witness in the

Nir Hefetz, former communicator in the service of Binyamin Netanyahu and his family, leaving court in Jerusalem on November 16, 2021. JACK GUEZ / AFP LETTER FROM JERUSALEM Soon, Nir Hefetz will fall back into anonymity. For three years, this fifth-rank character in the comedy of Israeli power has been in spite of himself on … Read more

Israel introduces surrogacy for all

Israel introduces surrogacy for all

Demonstration by members of the LGBT community against the discriminatory bill on surrogate mothers in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, July 22, 2018. CORINNA KERN / REUTERS Surrogacy (Surrogacy) has been open since Tuesday January 11 in Israel to male couples, single men and transgender people. It is the result of a judicial and … Read more

Emotion in Israel after the suicide of an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, accused of pedophilia

Among the Haredim – those who fear God – heroes are normally rabbis: very strict religious norms and dynastic sectarian traditions leave little room for others. In this context, children’s author and therapist Chaïm Walder had managed to carve out a unique space for himself, shaken by legal proceedings for having sexually assaulted at least … Read more

Covid-19 in Israel: the dilemma of the fourth dose

Covid 19 in Israel the dilemma of the fourth dose

Staff from the Sheba medical center, volunteers for a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, in Ramat Gan (Israel), on December 27. JACK GUEZ / AFP The Hebrew state is certainly heading towards a fourth dose of anti-Covid vaccine for those over 70 years old and populations at risk: all that is needed is the … Read more