Kaleidoscope 2021: Anji Goes to Jail, Marijuana Frustrates the Musician : Okezone Celebrity

Kaleidoscope 2021 Anji Goes to Jail Marijuana Frustrates the Musician

JAKARTA – Musician Anji feel the year 2021 with a bitter taste. Not only was there a lack of jobs due to the pandemic, Anji had to go to jail because he was caught consuming marijuana-type narcotics. Anji was arrested while in his studio, which is located in one of the luxury housing estates in … Read more

Kaleidoscope 2021: Amanda Manopo, Career Getting Smoother in the Bond of Love to Grief to Lose Mama : Okezone Celebrity

Kaleidoscope 2021 Amanda Manopo Career Getting Smoother in the Bond

JAKARTA– Career Amanda Manopo increasingly bright through the soap opera Ikatan Cinta in 2021. This year, the actor Andin also received several awards for his acting in the hit soap opera RCTI. Not only career matters, love life Amanda Manopo also in the spotlight this year. The 22-year-old woman is known to have broken up … Read more