In Kazakhstan, repression intensifies, nearly 6,000 arrests and more than 160 dead

In Kazakhstan repression intensifies nearly 6000 arrests and more than

A man sits on the steps of a building as a vehicle is seen in the foreground that was burnt down during protests sparked by rising fuel prices in Almaty, Kazakhstan on January 9. MARIYA GORDEYEVA / REUTERS Repression continues in Kazakhstan. Authorities announced on Sunday January 9 that they had arrested nearly 6,000 people … Read more

In Kazakhstan, what the images show of the riots and their repression

In Kazakhstan what the images show of the riots and

Statues debunked, official buildings set on fire, exchanges of fire: anger turned to riot in Kazakhstan the first week of January. Amateur images, verified and geotagged by The world, allow us to trace the events which saw several Kazakh cities set ablaze. Some images contained in this article may be shocking. 1is January, in Janaozen … Read more