ABN Amro advocates thrift pig – Do you eat vegan or thrift and therefore meat? – Food log

ABN Amro advocates thrift pig Do you eat vegan

47% of the feed for Dutch pigs consists of residual and by-products from the food industry. The animal thus contributes to the reduction of human food waste and converts these products into high-quality animal proteins. Due to the use of these residual products as well as the high efficiency of Dutch pig farmers, the CO2 … Read more

Colruyt, Lidl and Carrefour test the Eco-Score – Sustainability can be simplified, but who determines the calculation model? – Food log

Colruyt Lidl and Carrefour test the Eco Score Sustainability can

The Eco-Score has been purposely designed to resemble the Nutri-Score food choice logo developed for the French government. With five colored leaves (dark green, green, yellow, orange and red) and a letter from A to E, the logo makes clear at a glance the extent to which a product pollutes the environment. Both food choice … Read more

Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with healthy food – Director of the Nutrition Center: ‘it is time for healthy and sustainable food!’ – Food log

Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with

In many comments we read criticism of the vagueness of the plans. The ambitions are great, but a lot is still unclear about the ‘how’. There are also many comments on the elaboration of the vision. I partly identify with that. In the 80 years that the Nutrition Center has been working on education about … Read more