Adele: I’m complicated, I work a lot and I’m an emotional roller coaster

Adele Im complicated I work a lot and Im an

A career in the big leagues demands talent, professionalism, perseverance, self-confidence and a sense of timing. Whether it’s to score a goal, to take advantage of the passing curve on the F1 track or to succeed in the world of music. Leaving those scenes of high exposure for a long time can be, for some, … Read more

Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with healthy food – Director of the Nutrition Center: ‘it is time for healthy and sustainable food!’ – Food log

Rutte IV has a lot of work to do with

In many comments we read criticism of the vagueness of the plans. The ambitions are great, but a lot is still unclear about the ‘how’. There are also many comments on the elaboration of the vision. I partly identify with that. In the 80 years that the Nutrition Center has been working on education about … Read more

Anthony Hopkins | I was an absolute drunk. I hurt a lot of people

Anthony Hopkins I was an absolute drunk I hurt

SSitting at his home in the Santa Monica Hills, California, Anthony Hopkins likes to look at Google Maps and wander the streets of Margam, the small town in South Wales where he came into the world on New Years Eve 83 years ago. “I start at my grandfather’s house, go up Caernarfon Road and take … Read more