Cinema. Twenty years of Mulholland Drive, the great mystery of David Lynch

Surreal, dreamlike, disconcerting, fascinating. Any of these terms (or all of them together) can be used to categorize almost any film in David Lynch’s film career. From Eraserhead, going by The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet and the television series Twin Peaks, these elements are present in all their productions. AND Mulholland Drive was not … Read more

‘No Time to Die’ 007 Star Lashana Lynch Wants to Return in Future James Bond Movies

The No Time to Die movie is almost in theaters. Oct. 8, 2021, can’t come any sooner, and James Bond fans can’t wait to see Daniel Craig‘s last go-around as the spy. But a new name will don Bond’s 007 number: Lashana Lynch portrays Nomi, a new MI6 agent. Lynch is thrilled to star alongside … Read more

Lashana Lynch Says No Time To Die Is A Feminist Movie And Corrects Franchise Misogyny

No Time to Die is the next film in the James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig, the last in the series with this actor after spending many years playing the influential British spy. In cast we will see abundant new faces, including those of several famous stars; one of them is Lashana Lynch, who will … Read more

Lashana Lynch, the black actress called to be the new agent 007

By Juan Andrés Ferreira Galeria Magazine – Montevideo Portal Without time to die, the last installment of the adventures of the most famous secret agent in history, James Bond, will also be the last in which Daniel Craig, the protagonist, so far, of five titles in the franchise, will participate. Perhaps it is also the … Read more

Becky Lynch Wants to be “Bigger and Better” Than WWE Legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Becky Lynch is a once in a lifetime kind of superstar. The ‘Man’ rose to the top of the WWE mountain in late 2018 and has been up there ever since. The current SmackDown Women’s Champion took a hiatus from WWE after WrestleMania 36 last year due to pregnancy. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad … Read more