Joe Manchin, the pebble in Joe Biden’s shoe

Joe Manchin the pebble in Joe Bidens shoe

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, in the basement of the Capitol, Washington, December 15, 2021. ALEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES/AFP Local roots Almost Heaven (“Almost-paradise”): it is the name of the house-boat on which Joe Manchin resides when he is in Washington. One way of showing that the capital is not its natural environment. Aged 74, he comes … Read more

“Senator Joe Manchin has become more powerful than Joe Biden by blocking a plan to improve the living conditions of Americans”

Senator Joe Manchin has become more powerful than Joe Biden

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, in Washington, September 30, 2021. J. COTT APPLEWHITE / AP LThe serious lurch suffered by the social reform project wanted by Joe Biden, blocked for the moment by a Democratic senator whose voice is essential, has a virtue, that of recalling the foundations of politics, starting with its constraints. One does … Read more