Chris Martin declares his love for Dakota Johnson at one of her concerts

They are quite discreet and it is difficult to capture an image of the two together on a red carpet, however the love of Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson translates into small very significant gestures. To show what happened during the concert of the band Coldplay at Sepherd’s Bush Empire in London, a date in … Read more

Here’s Why The Aston Martin Victor Is Britain’s Best Muscle Car

To qualify for the much coveted title of ‘Best British Muscle Car’, we think that any candidate car should have all of the following characteristics:- A V8 or larger engine Very cool, 2-door Coupe body styling A well-balanced, supremely fun to drive, rear-wheel drive system Road-legal, not just for track use A great sound (loud … Read more

Jada Pinkett Smith goes out with friend Duane Martin after Will Smith revealed their open marriage

Her husband Will Smith revealed that they’re in an open marriage earlier this month. And Jada Pinkett Smith looked independent as ever while hanging out with actor Duane Martin in Van Nuys, California on Monday. Jada, 50, went with a casual astrology-inspired look while stopping by home goods store Aldik with her pal during what was … Read more

10 best songs written by Andrea Martin as singer dies at 49 –

We take a look at some of the best songs written by Andrea Martin following the devastating news that she has passed away at the age of 49. Fellow singers and fans mourn the death of the musician behind several well-known hits. CELEBOS: Daniel Craig’s pink jacket at No Time To Die premiere divides fans … Read more

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Once Sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ From ‘Titanic’ for Leonardo DiCaprio

The 1997 film Titanic cemented Leonardo DiCaprio as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In the movie, DiCaprio played Jack Dawson, a struggling artist who falls for Kate Winslet‘s character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, while they are passengers on the RMS Titanic. As part of the movie’s original soundtrack, Celine Dion recorded a song called “My Heart … Read more

‘No Time to Die’ Pint-Sized Aston Martin DB5 James Bond Edition Makes You a Spy for $123,000

No Time to Die is the James Bond franchise’s 25th installment. The trailers highlight an abundance of action, fashion, beautiful cars, and a couple of new characters. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic delayed the movie several times, but the marketing has kept the movie on moviegoers’ radars. An expensive pint-sized Aston Martin DB5 battery-powered car is … Read more

What does Don Johnson think of his daughter Dakota’s romance with Chris Martin?

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin they are the protagonists of the romance of the year. The romantic images of the couple on a Malibu beach, published on, confirmed that theirs is not a temporary romance and it is truly love what they feel for each other. His story is giving and will give a … Read more