Marco Morandi at Parioli in Rome: “I bring Mia Martini, artist and woman on stage: sung by a man”

Marco Morandi at Parioli in Rome I bring Mia Martini

“Courage is the word I have heard most about this undertaking,” he says Marco Morandi. Because it is a daring undertaking “Call me Mimi”, The musical monologue by Paolo Logli directed by Norma Martelli who, with Morandi jr. (son of Gianni and Laura Efrikian) and the actress Claudia Campagnola, arrives on Monday in Roma, at … Read more

Sanremo 2022, Amadeus reveals all the names of the Big singers at the Festival: there are Morandi, Ranieri, Emma and Achille Lauro

Sanremo 2022 Amadeus reveals all the names of the Big

Sanremo 2022 warm up the engines e Amadeus, conductor and artistic director of the festival for the third consecutive year, announces live on Tg1 the names of Big singers in the race. All this almost two months after the start of the festival. The artists who will take part in the 72nd edition are 22. … Read more