‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’ and the importance of giving voice to the mute ninja of ‘GI Joe’: “We needed to hear his story for himself” – Movie News

We spoke with Henry Golding, the film’s protagonist, about the character that gives the film its title. Theatrical release on August 13! “If you don’t understand a character’s past, you don’t feel committed to wanting to know where he’s going”. Henry Golding was quite relieved when he discovered that the mute ninja from the GI … Read more

Ninja Turtles Review (2014)%

Ago 12 2014 01:09 “The true power is within you” The new production of Michael Bay Ninja Turtles, brings us new, bigger turtles, with different faces, more urban, but that preserve the humor of their predecessors from 1984, in an entertaining film especially for the youngest, full of many funny scenes, with allusions to movies … Read more

‘Ninja Turtles’ – Theatrical Release October 17, 2014

The film has used new motion capture techniques. As darkness closes in on New York, the people of the city need heroes … and they are about to have them in the form of the most unlikely quartet of vigilantes to ever help mankind: the valiant and relentless reptilian forces known. like the Ninja Turtles. … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Where have you seen Noel Fisher, Mickey from ‘Shameless’ and a Ninja Turtle

It is very likely that if you hear the name of Noel Fisher, a part of you will say “yes, I know him”, at the same time that another is unable to remember his face. Surely, the cause of this is that the Canadian actor, who turns 35 this March 13, for a large part … Read more