Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, the young leader of the CDS from the conservative wing and a fan of Zeca Afonso – SIC Notícias

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos the young leader of the CDS

Nborn in Coimbra in 1988, but left the city as a child. The son of a lawyer and a military man, he moved to Vila Nova da Barquinha, near Tancos, where his father was placed. He attended the Colégio Militar and later the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. He is a sports … Read more

Autopsy of the child who died in Santa Maria completed but complementary exams are lacking – SIC Notícias

Autopsy of the child who died in Santa Maria completed

The autopsy of the six-year-old who died at Hospital Santa Maria, in Lisbon, is complete, but additional tests are needed, the conclusions of which should only be known within a month, according to the National Institute of Legal Medicine. “We are doing everything to make it as quick as possible, but there are complementary exams … Read more

Antonio Costa vs. Rui Rio: the decisive debate – SIC Notícias

Antonio Costa vs Rui Rio the decisive debate SIC

The debate between António Costa, secretary general of the PS, and Rui Rio, president of the PSD, starts at 20:30, with an expected duration of 75 minutes, from the Capitólio cinema, in Lisbon. In the meantime, you can follow the broadcast of SIC Notícias live and the preparations for the debate. by the minute At … Read more