The Unknown Side of Forrest Gump’s Lieutenant Dan

A movie can really change people’s lives. You can not only cheer up or entertain your audience during your screening. You can build on it and make a mark on society. That was the case with Forrest Gump, the iconic 1994 film that traced the history of the United States through the life of the … Read more

story of This is Us actor who refused to change his last name

Tissue companies owe you the surplus during the five seasons of This is Us. Through lessons in parenting, Milo Ventimiglia loosened the tear of the United States. He knew how to pierce the emotion of the spectator, between notions of filiation, links and Oedipus. His grace made him the favorite father of television, but the … Read more

Actor Justice Smith came out of the closet and supported trans and queer blacks

There were several artists who joined the protests for the murder of the African American George Floyd, on May 25, at the hands of the Police in Minneapolis: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, John Boyega … And now, the one who took advantage of the situation to reveal that he belongs “to the queer community” … Read more

Don Adams, Super Agent 86, that fearsome re-espionage operative

On a day like today, in 2005, I died Don Adams, Super Agent 86, fearsome re-espionage operative. The cause: bronchopneumonia, a lung infection while undergoing treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, complicated by lymphoma of the bone. Don, not named Adams, a surname he borrowed from his first wife so as not to … Read more

the curious “appearance” of Pope Francis at midnight Mass

There is no doubt that Midnight mass is the new miniseries furor on Netflix. This is the new work from director Mike Flanagan that combines horror with religious drama and that with its dense atmosphere and carefully chosen scares managed to captivate fans of the genre. Looking for pearls in his scenes, it can be … Read more

Jeremy Irons finished his castle with what he won in Mar del Plata

It is not a story, nor a legend, because Jeremy Irons confessed it to me in the very city of Mar del Plata. It was in November 1999. He was in La Feliz, on the occasion of an edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. He stayed for not much more than 24 … Read more

the day Patrick Stewart met Lionel Messi

The image went viral in 2017. That year, at the “The Best” awards gala (organized by FIFA in London), Patrick Stewart, the renowned actor who played, for example, the Professor X in the X-Men saga, was photographed with Lionel Messi, one of the stars of the ceremony. The jokes, of course, did not wait. “He … Read more

the mother of all inclusive language battles

The season of the ones who hate the ones who say September. Month nine of the calendar is not just a month: it is the mother of all language battles. We are probably talking about the most discriminated word in the history of the Royal Spanish Academy. From the first victim of grammatical bullying. All … Read more