From ‘Belfast’ to ‘Spencer,’ Top Oscar Contenders Are Skipping Platforms to Open Big

For an Oscar-contending film, the platform run — opening in perhaps five theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and slowly increasing its footprint over weeks or months — is sacred. In the last 15 years, “Argo” and “The Departed” are the only two Oscar Best Picture winners that opened in more than 25 theaters. … Read more

8 movies and series that we recommend you watch on Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, Filmin and free open during the weekend – Cinema news

Western with a very particular character, addictive series and comedies that never fail. Write down these titles to spend a few days enjoying good stories. Cinema and series are an infallible companion and, luckily or unfortunately, we have verified this in the last two months due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus crisis. Although … Read more

Janice Honeyman’s Cinderella pantomime to be first major live musical to open in SA since pandemic

Johannesburg – A beloved South African theatre tradition is returning to the stage after a forced Covid-19 induced hiatus. The Cinderella Pantomime, written and directed by the acclaimed Janice Honeyman, will usher in the festive season as local comedic duos Desmond Dube and Ben Boss take on the role of ‘the ugly sisters.’ Meanwhile, Kiruna-Lind … Read more

Goodbye Monogamy: Meet Hollywood Couples With Open Relationships | Monogamy | Hollywood | Open relationships | SHOWS

The monogamy is increasingly seen as an option and as a rule of yesteryear and the stars of Hollywood prove it, because some couples They maintain an open relationship, accepting the challenge that this means for them. Phrases like “love is not a prison” or “Who said that human beings are monogamous?” They are clear … Read more

Disney + premieres in open ‘Black Widow’, the film that caused the greatest crisis in the history of the Marvel universe

Related news Black widow He has faced his strongest enemy this year. It wasn’t about Thanos, or about Ultron. The enemy this time had him at home. His name is Disney, and until now he had been on their side, but a global pandemic caused the alliances to crumble and they ended up throwing the … Read more

celebrity couples who bet on open relationships

Open couples exist in Hollywood too. For different reasons, throughout this time there were actors and actresses who ended up saying out loud – or suggesting – that they bet on polyamory. Let’s look at some examples. Scarlett Johansson was one of the pioneers in the 21st century in leaving the door open to the … Read more

5 movies and series to enjoy on Netflix, HBO, Disney + and free open during snowfall – Movie News

This middle weekend Spain is on alert for the snow, and what better than to enjoy it from the window? Wind, cold and lots and lots of snow. That is what awaits much of Spain during the weekend and, although it is true that there is nothing better than a day of war of balls … Read more

Suicide Squad’s Will Smith Is Still Open to Playing Deadshot Again

Will Smith expresses a keen interest in returning to the DC Extended Universe as Deadshot, a character he brought to life in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Will Smith is more than willing to come back to the DC Extended Universe as antihero sharpshooter Deadshot. In a video posted to GQ’s YouTube channel, Smith reveals that while … Read more

The Most Surprising Hollywood Open Couples

Love is experienced in multiple ways, there are no conclusive concepts and each being goes through that feeling in different ways. Stigmas are no longer the order of the day, based on the freedoms to question and reflect in these times. Marriage has always been linked to an institution, but many people understand it as … Read more

Free VIEW Conference 2021 Registration Now Open

VIEW Conference 2021 has announced an expansive free program of events featuring master filmmakers and leaders in animation, VFX, virtual production and games. The conference and accompanying VIEWFest film festival take place from October 17 to 22, in the city of Torino, Italy, with online access opening up the entire week of events to a … Read more