Masterchef, fifth episode: spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

Masterchef fifth episode spectacular outdoor test Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

Masterchef, fifth episode: Spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas. A journey into emotions and memories, between past experiences and moving life stories: this is the source of energy and passion for cooking, but also concentration to face the insidious challenges conceived by the three judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli. Read also>Masterchef, … Read more

Vaccine pass, Telework, outdoor mask … What to remember from government announcements

Vaccine pass Telework outdoor mask What to remember from government

Following the Health Council headed by Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Jean Castex communicated from the hotel in Matignon on the measures put in place to fight against the epidemic wave of Covid-19 which is currently hitting the country. The government is attentive to the situations in its European neighbors like the United Kingdom and Denmark. … Read more