Who was Colonel Tom Parker? Elvis Presley’s manager played by Tom Hanks in new film

Who was Colonel Tom Parker Elvis Presleys manager played by

Colonel Tom Parker was one of the most important people in Elvis Presley’s life, and thus a hugely influential figure in rock history. But who was the man who managed the biggest rock star on the planet, and what happened to him? Who was Colonel Tom Parker? Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley. Picture: Alamy … Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker to Ryan Reynolds: 23 actors who admitted they hated their own films

Sarah Jessica Parker to Ryan Reynolds 23 actors who admitted

“What are your biggest regrets?” This might be one of the more obvious questions a journalist can ask an actor, but the answer can often be hugely revealing. Many actors have spoken negatively about their time spent as a superhero, playing a teenage heartthrob or starring in films they believed had been written by somebody … Read more