AACC Buzz: Noninvasive Blood or Saliva Tests for Cancer and COVID-19 Are Promising

Noninvasive tests for colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and COVID-19 were among the highlights of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) meeting September 26-30. One of the most exciting of the tests may be a blood test to diagnose colorectal cancer (CRC), simply because it could compete with colonoscopies. Researchers from the Medical Research Institute, … Read more

16 promising projects ready for Haugesund’s Works in Progress event

17/08/2020 – Day 3 at the New Nordic Films film market is predominantly about works in progress Director Morgane Dziurla-Petit (© Jonas Lindstedt) At the New Nordic Films film market of the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, 16 projects in various stages of post-production will be presented in front of industry professionals and a … Read more

‘A Promising Young Girl’, ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Palm Springs’ Among the Featured Movie Releases This Weekend – Movie News

Emerald Fennell’s debut as a feature film director starring Carey Mulligan is nominated for five Oscars. The famous video game adaptation features Lewis Tan in the role of Cole Young. Both titles land on the billboard The weekend arrives and, with it, new titles land on the billboards throughout Spain. First of all, it debuts … Read more

Who is Sofia Boutella, the new and promising Hollywood star?

Sofía Boutella’s story is not the usual Hollywood one. Unlike other actresses, she did not arrive at the film mecca too young or with a suitcase full of illusions to fulfill. She was already triumphing in her thing: the break dance. Now, he is the new and promising movie star of the moment. Producers raffle … Read more

Promising Young Woman (Blu-ray Review)

Reviewed by: Dennis Seuling Review Date: Aug 24, 2021 Format: Blu-ray Disc Director Emerald Fennell Release Date(s) 2020 (March 16, 2021) Studio (s) Focus Features (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) Film/Program Grade: A Video Grade: A Audio Grade: B+ Extras Grade: C Review Rape and revenge have been explored in many films, including Sudden Impact, Extremities, … Read more