A cost effective and quick way to find groundwater in arid regions

Journal Reference: Alaa Ahmed, Abdullah Alrajhi, Abdulaziz S. Alquwaizany. Identification of Groundwater Potential Recharge Zones in Flinders Ranges, South Australia Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and MIF Techniques. Water, 2021; 13 (18): 2571 DOI: 10.3390/w13182571 University of South Australia researcher Dr Alaa Ahmed and colleagues from the Desert Research Centre in Egypt, and King Abdulaziz City … Read more

‘Saturday Night Live’: Jennifer Lopez Once Got A Quick Wardrobe Change By Riding On The Back Of A Crew Member

Saturday Night Live Jennifer Lopez Once Got A Quick Wardrobe

saturday night live premiered on October 11, 1975. The first episode was hosted by none other than comedian George Carlin. More than 46 seasons later, the NBC series remains one of the most enjoyable and perhaps controversial shows on television, in part because all the shows are live. What most fans don’t realize is that … Read more

From supermarket to quick commerce – Jumbo opts for fast Gorrillas instead of expensive own delivery infrastructure – Foodlog

From supermarket to quick commerce Jumbo opts for fast

Jumbo will not make any announcements about the financial side of the collaboration. Well say Ton van Veen, financial director of Jumbo, that the Brabant supermarket chain is also investigating other forms of cooperation, such as combining supermarkets and ‘dark stores’, the warehouses from which Gorillas supplies its bicycle couriers or taking an equity interest … Read more

Vegan Potato Salad: Easy and Quick Recipe

Vegan Potato Salad Easy and Quick Recipe

I like to eat potato salad for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It tastes best to me according to the recipe from Carsten’s mother. As a vegan, I modified it so that it is purely plant-based. Here comes my vegan potato salad, which you can easily prepare. Vegan potato salad with mayonnaise A classic meal … Read more