RaiPlay, the second season of “You don’t know who I am” arrives, the docu-series created by Alessandro Sortino about the kids of Generation Z

RaiPlay the second season of You dont know who I

Stories of young people. Stories of parents and children connected with elsewhere. Stories of strong emotions, sometimes difficult to tell and even more uncomfortable and masked in indifference. The second season of You don’t know who I am is back in boxset, exclusively on RaiPlay from 14 January. And with the docu series the strength … Read more

RaiPlay Sound is born, the best audio platform in Europe

RaiPlay Sound is born the best audio platform in Europe

A new “sound” for Radio Rai, and a new step – signed RaiPlay – in the digital evolution of the Rai company. RaiPlay Sound is born, a platform that offers the public – in addition to live coverage of all Radio Rai channels and the possibility of listening to their favorite radio broadcasts – also … Read more

The young Old, Nicola Savino in the new RaiPlay show: an artistic after-work full of fun

The young Old Nicola Savino in the new RaiPlay show

A show full of fun the new original by RaiPlay. Nicola Savino returns exclusively to the Rai platform from 11.00 pm on 8 December, every Wednesday, for five episodes. The young OLD is a sort of artistic after-work in which musicians and talents find a safe stage on which to perform, experiment, but above all … Read more