Opposition parties to ‘stand aside’ out of respect for Sir David Amess

A Labour peer called for the move to ‘honour’ the murdered Conservative MP (Pictures: PA/AP) A Labour peer has called on the major opposition parties to ‘stand aside’ in the Southend West by-election out of respect for Sir David Amess after he was murdered serving his constituents. Former minister Lord Pendry, who said he was … Read more

How a trip to a local halal food store can expand respect for cuisine and culture: Andrew Coppolino

Medjool dates, pistachios, red lentils, yogurts and lamb chops are ingredients that are commonly enjoyed by many people of many different cultures. But the dishes that they are used to create are perhaps better understood — and perhaps even taste better — when they are placed within a context. Food is only one part of any … Read more

No. 2 Louisville volleyball, now 17-0, ‘still earning respect’

Dani Busboom-Kelly (Photo: UofL Athletics) No. 2 Louisville volleyball has something to prove. The Cardinals climbed to No. 2 in the latest national rankings, marking the highest the program has ever reached, and they’re focused on validating the lofty spot. Led by head coach Dani Busboom-Kelly, the Cardinals have marched through the schedule to remain … Read more

Charlotte Wood: ‘The artists I most respect have a real acceptance of the animal self’ | Books

When Charlotte Wood first sat down to write her 2015 novel The Natural Way of Things, she was stuck. “It wasn’t working,” she told Guardian Australia’s monthly book club on Friday, dialling in over Zoom from the Central Coast of New South Wales. “It was dead on the page.” A decade and a half deep … Read more

Fake Lamborghini Countach Out To Prove Replicas Deserve More Respect

Italian manufacturer Lamborghini is one of the most popular supercars in the world. It is also one of the most replicated top-tier cars globally. All you need to do is to scroll through Craigslist, and you’ll find a couple of fake Lamborghinis for sale. YouTube channel Speedster404 just uploaded a video showing a Lamborghini Countach … Read more

Lionel Messi told to “show some respect”, tunnel clash and “corruption” claim

Lionel Messi made his unhappiness with the referee known after Argentina’s World Cup qualifying win over Peru and the Paris Saint-Germain superstar has a history of clashes with officials Video Loading Video Unavailable The video will auto-play soon8Cancel Play now Messi trains with Argentina ahead of World Cup qualifiers Lionel Messi is widely regarded as … Read more

4D imaging brings Respect Life Month mission into focus

Cindy Willich, who works as a sonographer at the Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, retrieves some information while Donna Kelsey, the clinic’s volunteer executive director, and Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann look on. The demonstration followed the blessing of the 4D ultrasound machine on Oct. 9, which was a gift of the Knights … Read more

Respect Eloise’s real-live horror stories

Not to be a holiday buzzkill, but I find it disturbing the old Eloise hospital has been turned into a giant haunted house for Halloween. I’m sure it’s a magnificent attraction, and hear it is among the scariest house of ‘haints’ ever. It should draw visitors in from all over. My issue is that real people lived genuine horror stories … Read more

Income in Respect of a Decedent (IRD)

Last will and testament When a loved one passes away, it can be an emotional experience. Unfortunately, handling the deceased’s finances can add to this stress. While most people know that you need to file a final tax return for the deceased, most people don’t know how to handle income received after the person has … Read more