How do wind turbines respond to winds, ground motion during earthquakes?

Journal Reference: Renqiang Xi, Piguang Wang, Xiuli Du, Chengshun Xu. Dynamic behaviors of wind turbines under wind and earthquake excitations. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2021; 13 (4): 043306 DOI: 10.1063/5.0054746 One solution is to embrace renewable energy sources, such as wind power, and it has experienced fast growth within China during the past … Read more

Matter and antimatter seem to respond equally to gravity

Journal Reference: M. J. Borchert, J. A. Devlin, S. R. Erlewein, M. Fleck, J. A. Harrington, T. Higuchi, B. M. Latacz, F. Voelksen, E. J. Wursten, F. Abbass, M. A. Bohman, A. H. Mooser, D. Popper, M. Wiesinger, C. Will, K. Blaum, Y. Matsuda, C. Ospelkaus, W. Quint, J. Walz, Y. Yamazaki, C. Smorra, S. … Read more