Smartwatches and fitness bands reveal individual physiological responses to COVID-19 vaccine

Journal Reference: Giorgio Quer, Matteo Gadaleta, Jennifer M. Radin, Kristian G. Andersen, Katie Baca-Motes, Edward Ramos, Eric J. Topol, Steven R. Steinhubl. Inter-individual variation in objective measure of reactogenicity following COVID-19 vaccination via smartwatches and fitness bands. npj Digital Medicine, 2022; 5 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41746-022-00591-z The study, published in npj Digital Medicine, analyzed sensor data … Read more

Bali-like temperatures in Wyoming? Fossils reveal tropically hot North America 95 million years ago

Journal Reference: Matthew M. Jones, Sierra V. Petersen, Allison N. Curley. A tropically hot mid-Cretaceous North American Western Interior Seaway. Geology, 2022; DOI: 10.1130/G49998.1 The study provides the first direct temperature data from that vast mid-latitude sea during the height of the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum, one of the planet’s hottest climate intervals of the past … Read more

Squid and octopus genome studies reveal how cephalopods’ unique traits evolved

Journal References: Caroline B. Albertin, Sofia Medina-Ruiz, Therese Mitros, Hannah Schmidbaur, Gustavo Sanchez, Z. Yan Wang, Jane Grimwood, Joshua J. C. Rosenthal, Clifton W. Ragsdale, Oleg Simakov, Daniel S. Rokhsar. Genome and transcriptome mechanisms driving cephalopod evolution. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-29748-w Hannah Schmidbaur, Akane Kawaguchi, Tereza Clarence, Xiao Fu, Oi Pui Hoang, … Read more

Can artificial intelligence reveal why languages change over time?

Journal Reference: Naomi Caselli, Corrine Occhino, Bruno Artacho, Andreas Savakis, Matthew Dye. Perceptual optimization of language: Evidence from American Sign Language. Cognition, 2022; 224: 105040 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2022.105040 Deaf studies scholar Naomi Caselli and a team of researchers found that American Sign Language (ASL) signs that are challenging to perceive — those that are rare or … Read more

Brain waves reveal the active nature of engaging with art

Journal Reference: Wim Strijbosch, Edward A. Vessel, Dominik Welke, Ondrej Mitas, John Gelissen, Marcel Bastiaansen. On the Neuronal Dynamics of Aesthetic Experience: Evidence from Electroencephalographic Oscillatory Dynamics. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2022; 34 (3): 461 DOI: 10.1162/jocn_a_01812 Neurons in the human brain are constantly communicating. This communication relies on very fast oscillations. In order to … Read more

Astronomers reveal best image yet of mysterious odd radio circles in space

Journal Reference: Ray P Norris, J D Collier, Roland M Crocker, Ian Heywood, Peter Macgregor, L Rudnick, Stas Shabala, Heinz Andernach, Elisabete da Cunha, Jayanne English, Miroslav Filipović, Bärbel S Koribalski, Kieran Luken, Aaron Robotham, Srikrishna Sekhar, Jessica E Thorne, Tessa Vernstrom. MeerKAT uncovers the physics of an Odd Radio Circle. Monthly Notices of the … Read more

Ancient El Niños reveal limits to future climate projections

Journal Reference: Allison E. Lawman, Pedro N. Di Nezio, Judson W. Partin, Sylvia G. Dee, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Terrence M. Quinn. Unraveling forced responses of extreme El Niño variability over the Holocene. Science Advances, 2022; 8 (9) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abm4313 That’s the conclusion of a study led by scientists at The University of Texas at Austin that … Read more

Hot springs reveal where continental plates collide beneath Tibet

Journal Reference: Simon L. Klemperer, Ping Zhao, Colin J. Whyte, Thomas H. Darrah, Laura J. Crossey, Karl E. Karlstrom, Tianze Liu, Carmen Winn, David R. Hilton, Lin Ding. Limited underthrusting of India below Tibet: 3 He/ 4 He analysis of thermal springs locates the mantle suture in continental collision. Proceedings of the National Academy of … Read more

New MRI probe can reveal more of the brain’s inner workings

Journal Reference: Souparno Ghosh, Nan Li, Miriam Schwalm, Benjamin B. Bartelle, Tianshu Xie, Jade I. Daher, Urvashi D. Singh, Katherine Xie, Nicholas DiNapoli, Nicholas B. Evans, Kwanghun Chung, Alan Jasanoff. Functional dissection of neural circuitry using a genetic reporter for fMRI. Nature Neuroscience, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41593-022-01014-8 Similar to how the gears of a clock interact … Read more

Engineers reveal how to optimize processes for transforming sulfur in wastewater to valuable materials

Engineers reveal how to optimize processes for transforming sulfur in wastewater to valuable materials – NovLink Home Mash O Engineers reveal how to optimize processes for transforming sulfur in wastewater to valuable materials We would like to say thanks to the author of this post for this incredible content Engineers reveal how to optimize processes … Read more