‘Bionic’ pacemaker reverses heart failure

Journal Reference: J. Shanks, Y. Abukar, N. A. Lever, M. Pachen, I. J. LeGrice, D. J. Crossman, A. Nogaret, J. F. R. Paton, R. Ramchandra. Reverse re-modelling chronic heart failure by reinstating heart rate variability. Basic Research in Cardiology, 2022; 117 (1) DOI: 10.1007/s00395-022-00911-0 Manaaki Manawa has led the research and the results have just … Read more

Experimental gene therapy reverses sickle cell disease for years

Journal Reference: Julie Kanter, Mark C. Walters, Lakshmanan Krishnamurti, Markus Y. Mapara, Janet L. Kwiatkowski, Stacey Rifkin-Zenenberg, Banu Aygun, Kimberly A. Kasow, Francis J. Pierciey, Melissa Bonner, Alex Miller, Xinyan Zhang, Jessie Lynch, Dennis Kim, Jean-Antoine Ribeil, Mohammed Asmal, Sunita Goyal, Alexis A. Thompson, John F. Tisdale. Biologic and Clinical Efficacy of LentiGlobin for Sickle … Read more