Drug incorporated into silicone coating reduces ‘overseas body response’ to implants

Journal Reference: Barone, DG et al. Prevention of the foreign body response to implantable medical devices by inflammasome inhibition. PNAS, 2022 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2115857119 Implantable electronic medical devices are already widely used for a number of applications, but they also offer the prospect of transforming the treatment of intractable conditions, such as the use of neural … Read more

Breastfeeding: my story, silicone nipples and lessons learned – Fashionism

Breastfeeding my story silicone nipples and lessons learned Fashionism

This is probably the most important post I’ve ever written here on the blog. It’s the post that causes me the most emotion. (more than post delivery), memory, pain, struggle. It’s a post about resilience. Talking about breastfeeding is difficult, it is personal, but necessary and important, I wish I had read a report like … Read more