“If Jo Cox had not been murdered, I would not be here today”: in England, Kim Leadbeater takes up the torch from his sister

If Jo Cox had not been murdered I would not

The issue of violence in politics prompted Kim Leadbeater to take over from her sister, Jo Cox. Here in May 2021. RICHARD SAKER/GUARDIAN/EYEVINE/BUREAU233 ” How are you ? Follow me, this place is a real labyrinth, I’m still getting lost! “ The Labor MP Kim Leadbeater welcomes without ceremony in the corridors of the Palace … Read more

Jesy Nelson’s sister asks people to stop harassing her on social media

Jesy Nelsons sister asks people to stop harassing her on

The situation that involved Jesy Nelson, former member of the group Little Mix and their controversies ended up involving the singer’s family. The negative comments are so intense that your sister, Jade nelsonShe used her Instagram to ask them to stop harassing her. You’re going to be interested: Little Mix announces new single “Cut You … Read more