How ‘calming’ our spinal cords could provide relief from muscle spasms

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Gene therapy shows promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuries

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Spinal fluid sampling used to track treatment response in pediatric glioma

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Harnessing AI and Robotics to treat spinal cord injuries

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Exoskeleton-assisted walking may improve bowel function in people with spinal cord injury

Journal Reference: Peter H. Gorman, Gail F. Forrest, Pierre K. Asselin, William Scott, Stephen Kornfeld, Eunkyoung Hong, Ann M. Spungen. The Effect of Exoskeletal-Assisted Walking on Spinal Cord Injury Bowel Function: Results from a Randomized Trial and Comparison to Other Physical Interventions. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2021; 10 (5): 964 DOI: 10.3390/jcm10050964 The authors of … Read more

Stimulators could aid spinal twine, heart therapies

Now, for therapies that require multiple, coordinated stimulation implants, their timing has come as well. Rice University engineers who developed implants for electrical stimulation in patients with spinal cord injuries have advanced their technique to power and program multisite biostimulators from a single transmitter. A peer-reviewed paper about the advance by electrical and computer engineer … Read more