Sport improves concentration and quality of life

Journal Reference: Katharina Köble, Tanja Postler, Renate Oberhoffer-Fritz, Thorsten Schulz. A Better Cardiopulmonary Fitness Is Associated with Improved Concentration Level and Health-Related Quality of Life in Primary School Children. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022; 11 (5): 1326 DOI: 10.3390/jcm11051326 Movement on a regular basis keeps kids healthy and fit for school. The benefits of sports … Read more

Nasce la dmo della Tuscia viterbese lungo la via Francigena, tra cultura, sport, arte, gusto e natura

Nasce la dmo della Tuscia viterbese lungo la via Francigena

Una nuova destination management organization che si pone come punto di riferimento per scoprire la Tuscia viterbese. Nasce la dmo la Francigena e le vie del gusto in Tuscia che raccoglie oltre 60 differenti realtà, proponendo idee di turismo inedite per vivere da vicino l’intero microcosmo di quell’area del Centro Italia, scrigno di storia e patrimonio, che … Read more

Just a sport? Study shows no evidence that violent video games lead to real-life violence

Journal Reference: Agne Suziedelyte. Is it only a game? Video games and violence. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021; 188: 105 DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2021.05.014 Mass media and general public often link violent video games to real-life violence, although there is limited evidence to support the link. Debate on the topic generally intensifies after mass public … Read more

Corona in Bayern: Lockerungen für Sport und Kultur

Corona in Bayern Lockerungen fur Sport und Kultur

Corona-Schuljahr: Weniger Wiederholer in Bayern Freitag, 21. Januar, 20.27 Uhr: Während der Corona-Pandemie ist die Zahl der Wiederholer an Bayerns Schulen zurückgegangen. Nach Angaben des Statistischen Bundesamts lag dies unter anderem an den veränderten Versetzungsregelungen, die wegen Corona nicht mehr nur an die schulische Leistung geknüpft waren. Wie das Amt am Freitag berichtete, sank die … Read more

3 Modern Photo Styles in the style of Lola Zieta, Showing off a Slim Stomach with a Sport Bra : Okezone Celebrity

3 Modern Photo Styles in the style of Lola Zieta

JAKARTA – Contemporary photo style Lola zieta, this gravure model as well as sexy cosplayer is always able to hypnotize the adam. His name is fairly fragrant among Pop culture lovers as cosplayer andal. Lola started exploring the world cosplay since 2013, while still in college. At that time, he was wearing a cosplay costume … Read more