Jean-Claude Van Damme Once Broke Into Sylvester Stallone’s House Just to Meet Him

Jean Claude Van Damme Once Broke Into Sylvester Stallones House Just

Sylvester Stallone was once one of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s idols. Even back before Van Damme became a superstar, the future action hero couldn’t help but look up to the icon. So much so that Van Damme broke into Stallone’s house just to introduce himself to the actor. But Van Damme quickly learned the break-in wasn’t … Read more

Samaritan: Everything We Know About Sylvester Stallone’s New Movie

Samaritan Everything We Know About Sylvester Stallones New Movie

Sylvester Stallone is a certified action film legend. He’s one of the most recognizable actors in generations past and present. He’s starred in huge franchises such as Rambo, Rocky, and more recently, The Expendables. When he isn’t leading big box office franchises, he could be seen in stand-alone films like Demolition Man and Cobra. More … Read more