Solution to world’s largest waste stream: Make sand

Concrete, asphalt, glass, electronic chips: sand has many applications. Composed of small mineral particles, this granular material comes from sensitive dynamic environments such as seas, beaches, lakes and rivers or, from static land-based environments such as ancient river deposits and rock quarries. It is estimated that 50 billion tons of sand are used each year. … Read more

Calculating terrestrial carbon’s role in river and stream emissions

Journal Reference: Shaoda Liu, Catherine Kuhn, Giuseppe Amatulli, Kelly Aho, David E. Butman, George H. Allen, Peirong Lin, Ming Pan, Dai Yamazaki, Craig Brinkerhoff, Colin Gleason, Xinghui Xia, Peter A. Raymond. The importance of hydrology in routing terrestrial carbon to the atmosphere via global streams and rivers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022; … Read more

A Forgotten Johnny Depp Movie Is About To Leave Netflix, Stream It Before It’s Gone

A Forgotten Johnny Depp Movie Is About To Leave

By Dan Lawrence | 2 seconds ago Johnny Depp has had a long, varied and as of late, troublesome career. His back catalog of work is so extensive that some films can be forgotten amidst the archives. One such piece of cinema from the yesteryears of Depp’s work is Chocolat. Depp fans wanting to taste a slice … Read more

Anthony Hopkins: 2021 Oscar Winner’s Top 8 Movies to Stream

Anthony Hopkins 2021 Oscar Winners Top 8 Movies to Stream

According to the criteria of Know more He is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the world. Anthony Hopkins, 83-year-old British-American actor, has a wide and diverse film career that began in 1967. Since “The Silence of the Innocents” (1991), together with Jodie Foster, and his flawless portrayal of the elegant and cultured cannibal … Read more