Babies exposed to cannabis in the womb may be at risk for weight problems, high blood sugar

Journal Reference: Brianna F Moore, Katherine A Sauder, Allison L B Shapiro, Tessa Crume, Gregory L Kinney, Dana Dabelea. Fetal Exposure to Cannabis and Childhood Metabolic Outcomes: The Healthy Start Study. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2022 DOI: 10.1210/clinem/dgac101 A 2016 study in Colorado revealed that up to 22% of pregnant women had … Read more

Stabilizing low blood sugar in infancy prevents long-term brain damage

Journal References: Rajesh Shah, Darren W. T. Dai, Jane M. Alsweiler, Gavin T. L. Brown, J. Geoffrey Chase, Gregory D. Gamble, Deborah L. Harris, Peter Keegan, Samson Nivins, Trecia A. Wouldes, Benjamin Thompson, Jason Turuwhenua, Jane E. Harding, Christopher J. D. McKinlay, Heidi Feldman, William Hay, Robert Hess, Darrell Wilson, Jenny Rogers, Steven Miller, Eleanor … Read more

Excess sugar consumption costs Canada’s health-care system $5 billion each 12 months, study finds

Journal Reference: Siyuan Liu, Lalani L. Munasinghe, Katerina Maximova, Jennifer P. Taylor, Arto Ohinmaa, Paul J. Veugelers. The economic burden of excessive sugar consumption in Canada: should the scope of preventive action be broadened? Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2022; DOI: 10.17269/s41997-022-00615-x They peg the economic burden of excessive sugar consumption in Canada at $5 … Read more

Mouse experiments show how sugar molecules can be used to track stem cells

Journal Reference: Yue Yuan, Congxiao Wang, Shreyas Kuddannaya, Jia Zhang, Dian R. Arifin, Zheng Han, Piotr Walczak, Guanshu Liu, Jeff W. M. Bulte. In vivo tracking of unlabelled mesenchymal stromal cells by mannose-weighted chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41551-021-00822-w “There is an entire scientific field dedicated to chemical and genetic … Read more

Teens not getting enough sleep may consume 4.5 extra pounds of sugar during a school year

Journal Reference: Kara McRae Duraccio, Catharine Whitacre, Kendra N Krietsch, Nanhua Zhang, Suzanne Summer, Morgan Price, Brian E Saelens, Dean W Beebe. Losing sleep by staying up late leads adolescents to consume more carbohydrates and a higher glycemic load. Sleep, 2021; DOI: 10.1093/sleep/zsab269 Prior research has linked lack of sleep to increased risk for poor … Read more

For some Greenlanders, eating sugar is healthy

Journal Reference: Mette K. Andersen, Line Skotte, Emil Jørsboe, Ryan Polito, Frederik F. Stæger, Peter Aldiss, Kristian Hanghøj, Ryan K. Waples, Cindy G. Santander, Niels Grarup, Inger K. Dahl-Petersen, Lars J. Diaz, Maria Overvad, Ninna K. Senftleber, Bolette Søborg, Christina V.L. Larsen, Clara Lemoine, Oluf Pedersen, Bjarke Feenstra, Peter Bjerregaard, Mads Melbye, Marit E. Jørgensen, … Read more