NFT news: Visa to support digital artists with non-fungible token program

The owner of CryptoPunk 7610, known to some as financial services giant Visa, is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) support program to help artists get involved in the digital art space. The payments provider is partnering with Micah Johnson – a former Major League Baseball player, turned NFT artist and the creator of “Aku” – … Read more

Where can UK sales agents and distributors turn for support following Brexit? | Features

It was overshadowed by the immediate challenges of the pandemic but the fallout from Brexit for the UK’s sales companies and distributors is now pulling into sharp focus. Put simply, it is much harder for UK sales companies to represent European films, and for UK distributors to show them due to the end of support … Read more

MiNA Therapeutics Expands Senior Leadership Team With Four New Hires to Support Next Phase of Growth

Including Troels Koch who brings over 20 years of RNA industry experience LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MiNA Therapeutics Limited (“MiNA” or the “Company”), the pioneer in small activating RNA (saRNA) therapeutics, announces that it has significantly expanded its senior leadership team with four new appointments to support the Company’s next phase of growth. These appointments include: Troels Koch, … Read more

Hollywood A-Listers Support Indigenous People’s Day, Tie Native Rights To Climate Stewardship, Oil Pipeline

A host of big names tweeted their support for Indigenous People’s Day, a longstanding counterpoint to Columbus Day that President Biden made official with a declaration on Friday. Leonardo DiCaprio was among the A-listers who made the connection between the day of remembrance and Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship of the land. More from Deadline “Let’s stand … Read more

“I don’t know if I will have a career after this.” John Boyega receives support from Hollywood after his visceral anti-racist speech

George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minesotta police officer Derek Chauvin, currently charged with murder in the second degree, has marked a new turning point in the struggle of the American black community for their rights and against police brutality, spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement. Massive demonstrations, which have already transcended US … Read more

Sebastian Stan and Adepero Oduye support campaign for Marvel to launch the “Bucky Sarah Cut”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% showed us the long way for Sam Wilson to go from being a Falcon to embracing Steve Rogers’ legacy and becoming the new Captain America. It also showed us Bucky’s path to come to terms with his past and go from being the killer named The Winter Soldier … Read more

The United States Reaffirms Its Defense Support for Taiwan | The World | DW

During a meeting with the president of Taiwan, former US Senator Chris Dodd said this Thursday (04/15/2021) that the government of President Joe Biden will help the island to “expand its international space” and “support its investment” in defense matters. . The two leaders met during an unofficial visit by three former senior US officials. … Read more

Britney Spears reappears to thank her fans for their support

She had been disappeared from social networks, but on Monday, after the stoppage that occurred on the internet after the fall of the servers, Britney Spears returned to address her followers with a thank you message. “To the Free Britney movement … I have no words … thanks to you and your constant resilience in … Read more

Project to promote beekeeping among women from marginalised communities wins support of Angelina Jolie

In the picturesque Sainte-Baume hills in Provence, a hive of female beekeepers gathered to learn how to nurture and protect the endangered insects. Over the summer, the women spent a month training at OFA, the French Observatory of Apidology, as the first cohort in a programme to create a green and sustainable beekeeping network and … Read more

Camilla Cabello Leads Leonardo DiCaprio, Dozens Of A-listers Calling On Google, Amazon, Fox, Netflix, Disney & More To Demand Congress Support Biden’s Climate Plan

As Democratic leadership tries to unite its progressive and moderate wings, a group of 80-plus artists, celebrities and activists called on the leaders of Google, Disney, Amazon, Fox, Facebook and more to urge Congress to support President Biden’s Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Boldfaced signatories to the group letter included J.J. Abrams, Greg Berlanti, Cate … Read more