Marvel Star Shocked His “Stupid” Acting Turned Out Cool

Marvel Studios’ Eternals release date of November 5, 2021, is fast approaching and the expectations for the Chloe Zhao (Nomadland) film are soaring. Its ticket pre-sales have already surpassed the other MCU releases this year — Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The film is set to be the most … Read more

12 Famous Movie Endings That Were Reshot & Turned Into Something Else

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Emily Blunt reveals why she turned down Black Widow in ‘Iron Man 2’ – movie news

‘Iron Man 2’ may have been the movie in which Emily Blunt made her MCU debut, however, the actress refused to be Black Widow and for the first time reveals the motive behind the decision, as well as commenting on ‘The Four Fantastic. ‘ There have been many requests over time for Emily Blunt to … Read more

10 Already Powerful Cars… That Were Turned Into Real Monsters

As car manufacturers improved kept releasing ever more powerful cars, one would think the gearheads’ greed for more horsepower was satisfied. However, that’s not the case, and this is why many tuning companies have chosen to work on already powerful sports cars and decided to take them to the next level. Scrupulous mechanical adjustments, as … Read more

Madonna confesses that she was offered a role in ‘Matrix’ and regrets having turned it down | People

Madonna has assured at 63 that she does not regret almost any of the decisions she has made throughout her career. However, the queen of pop has revealed that among those few things on her to-do list is turning down Trinity’s role in Matrix, originally played by Carrie-Anne Moss. “Can you believe that I rejected … Read more

Divine! This is what Suri looks like today, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who turned 15 – Para Ti Magazine

The young woman realized how much she has grown: she is the height of her mother and her features are a mixture of both parents, with Tom’s unmistakable green eyes. For now, she is studying at a prestigious school in New York and leads a low-key life, although some consider her a fashionable “influencer” for … Read more

When Facebook And Instagram Were Down, Twitter Turned Up The Funny

The “hot dog car” (Photo: rblfmr/ During the nearly daylong FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and WHATSAPP outage YESTERDAY (10/4), the Twitterverse did what it does best — be topical, timely and hilarious. The results offer some compelling ideas for how social media managers for radio stations can do the same when faced with a news event seemingly … Read more

“Relax and hispanics tv shows”: our stories turned series | Let’s celebrate together

Since television entered the homes of Latin America, drama programs, sitcoms, novels and series have been, in addition to a valid and effective entertainment opportunity, a perfect pretext for family reunion, a moment to share emotions, experiences and above all an identification with the stories and characters that happen on the screen. However, despite decades … Read more

Adam Driver & Keanu Reeves Both Turned Down Spider-Man Villain Role

Credit: Left: Summit Entertainment, Right: Lucasfilm Iconic Marvel villain and frequent foe of Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter, has been cast by Sony Pictures for an upcoming movie. Aaron Taylor-Johnson bagged the role of Sony’s Kraven, but a few other A-list actors — including Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver — were in serious contention for the … Read more