10 DC Characters Chris Evans Could Play In The DCEU

Chris Evans was already well-known when he won the part of Captain America in the then-blossoming MCU. The role elevated him to the A-list and turned him into an undeniable movie star. Now, more than 10 years later and with his tenure in the MCU seemingly over, Evans is ready for his next franchise.

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So why not go to the struggling but still relevant DCEU? Evans is no stranger to comic book movies. He even played Johnny Storm and Lucas Lee before his time as Cap. However, he’s yet to play a role from DC Comics. Should Warner Bros. succeed in recruiting him, many DC roles would fit Evans like a glove.


Hal Jordan

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan Comic Cover

Although he wasn’t the first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is arguably the most famous and beloved. He’s also one of the few Justice League members that have yet to debut in the DCEU. Hal’s story in the comics is rich and complex, giving filmmakers plenty to work with should he ever transition into the struggling cinematic universe.

The long-delayed Green Lantern Corps movie provides the perfect chance to introduce Hal into the DCEU, and an actor as beloved as Evans would be the perfect choice. The character’s cosmic ties separate him from Evans’ other hero, the Earth-bound Cap, while his cocky and somewhat reckless persona also stands out from Cap’s boy scout attitude.

Eobard Thawne


Although he’s sometimes known as Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne’s most famous moniker is still Professor Zoom. He is Barry Allen’s archenemy and one of the fastest speedsters in the DC Universe.

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Despite making numerous appearances in The CW’s The Flash, Thawne has yet to make his debut on the big screen. The character should play a crucial role in the Flash corner of the DCEU when he finally appears, and Evans would be a brilliant bit of against-type casting. Fans who mainly identify him as Cap could see him sink his teeth into one of the best DC villains, allowing him to explore the range he’s already shown in films like Knives Out.

Phantom Stranger

The Phantom Stranger is one of the DC canon’s most elusive and mysterious figures. Indeed, his origins remain unclear, although many possible backstories exist. Phantom Stranger mainly battles supernatural threats and occult forces alongside multiple DC teams, many of which are yet to debut in the DCEU.

Considering the DCEU is supposedly trying to launch a Dark corner of its universe, Phantom Stranger would be one of the best characters to include. He would play a supporting role across multiple projects, allowing Evans enough freedom to explore other projects. The lack of clarity concerning Phantom Stranger would also allow him to put a unique spin on the character, making it his own.

John Constantine

Constantine DC Comics Magic

And speaking of the DC’s Dark shenanigans, John Constantine needs to feature prominently. Arguably the most famous character from this particular corner, Constantine is the titular Hellblazer, a warlock, detective, and occasional con-man famous for his deadpan behavior and unflinching cynicism.

Constantine was born in Liverpool, which means Evans would need to abandon his native Boston accent in favor of an English one. The Hellbazer’s famous personality recalls one of Evans’ most underrated characters, Curtis, in Bong Joon-ho’s social sci-fi masterpiece Snowpiercer, meaning the actor would likely thrive in the role.

Booster Gold

Poor Booster Gold doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He might not be one of the most well-known superheroes in the DC canon, but he’s a fascinating and quite hilarious character who could make it big in his own movie or streaming show.

Having an A-list actor like Evans playing him would instantly elevate Booster Gold into the top-tier of DC heroes. Booster’s charming, arrogant personality would also fit Evans’ sensibilities to a tee, contrasting with Cap’s stoicism. Furthermore, the DCEU could take advantage of Booster’s iconic bond with Blue Beetle, one of DC Comics’ most famous bromances.

Mr. Freeze

Mr Freeze in a Batman comic.

Batman has one of the best rogues gallery in comic books, thanks to characters like Mr. Freeze. Depicted as a tortured soul searching for a cure to his wife’s illness in Batman: The Animated Series‘ seminal episode “Heart of Ice,” Freeze has endured as one of the Bat’s best and most recurring villains.

Thanks to its noir-ish approach and Robert Pattinson’s excellent performance, Matt Reeves’ The Batman revived mainstream audiences’ interest in the Dark Knight. Mr. Freeze would be a somewhat unexpected villain for a sequel to The Batman, but Reeves and Evans could make it work. The tragedy Freeze’s storyline would take center stage, allowing Evans to display his dramatic abilities.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen as Green Arrow firing an arrow

Oliver Queen is a strange character in the DC canon. He is one of the most famous heroes in the comics and a renowned and crucial member of the Justice League. However, his abilities pale compared to his teammates, making him a valuable yet underpowered member of the group.

Still, Green Arrow has many qualities that would make him worthy of a solo movie. His gimmick is visually impressive, and his romance with Black Canary ranks as one of the best relationships in the Justice League. Evans would provide some much-needed dignity to Green Arrow, making him as physically imposing as Cavill’s Superman or whoever’s playing Batman at the time.


Two-Face flips a coin.

Like many of Batman’s best villains, Harvey Dent is as tragic as he is menacing. His dissociative identity disorder is also one of the most enduring and best-portrayed cases of mental illness in comic books, giving him a complexity that few other villains have.

Fans have several ideas about who could play Two-Face in The Batman‘s universe, and Evans is among the most popular choices. He has the range to play light and dark, and his against-type casting would match Pattinson’s. Two-Face would also be a one-off villain, meaning Evans wouldn’t have to commit to such an extended engagement.


Ozymandias meditating in the comics

Ozymandias is one of the best DC characters, full stop. Often described as the smartest man on Earth, Adrian Veidt acts as the secret antagonist of the seminal graphic novel, Watchmen. Veidt returns during the events of “Doomsday Clock,” once again manipulating events to try and save his universe from destruction.

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Although he isn’t part of the mainstream DC continuity, Ozymandias has made occasional appearances in that timeline, mainly in the previously mentioned “Doomsday Clock.” This version could transition into live-action, and Evans would be an inspired choice to play him. After all, and although he’s mostly known for his heroic roles, Evans does play a mean villain.

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner with a bat as the Green Lantern.

In most iterations of his character, Guy Gardner is cool and slightly reckless from the beginning. After numerous incidents alter his mind, his new personality is that of a childish prankster with unstable and violent tendencies. However, Guy remains a good, ehem, guy, even if everyone else finds him somewhat annoying.

Evans shines playing jerk-ish characters, i.e., the original Fantastic Four saga, What’s Your NumberKnives Out, etc. The best Guy Gardner stories showcase the duality in his personality, with his personality often treading between “good” and “jerk.” Evans would excel in handling this fine line while keeping Guy likable enough for audiences to still sympathize with him. Finn Wittrock will play Guy in the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern show, but considering the multiversal shenanigans Warner loves, who’s to say there isn’t a Guy Gardner that looks like Chris Evans?

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