Amy Adams Lost Her Crush On Leonardo Dicaprio After Working With Him

Leonardo Dicaprio is arguably one of the most crushed upon actors in Hollywood. His roles as a young man in movies like “Growing Pains” and more recent films like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” aided the actor in dazzling everyone with his acting skills and even winning some hearts in the process.

The infatuation isn’t just limited to non-celebrities. In an interview, actress Amy Adams revealed that she had a crush on the “Titanic” actor right from when he starred as Luke Brower in “Growing Pains.”

After years of crushing on the actor, Adams finally got to work with him while filming “Catch Me If You Can,” and the result was not what you’d expect. In an interview, she admitted that the infatuation with the Oscar winner died a slow death after working with him.

Adams Found It Hard To Adjust After “Catch Me If You Can”

All actors want that big break, but not all can handle the limelight and attention it comes with. After filming “Catch Me If You Can” with DiCaprio, Adams had the same problem. The movie gave her much more publicity than she had because of how much of a success it was and her close proximity with big-name actors.

Adams admitted that the movie got her a lot of recognition, but the fame had a price. Via Daily Mail, the actress told Elle, “I choked. I felt this pressure to suddenly be this level of actress that I wasn’t confident enough to be.”

Adams felt so pressured by everything that she almost quit acting entirely because she felt she wasn’t strong enough to handle it all. She said, “And the couple of years after that, it was, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough to continue with this level of rejection. What am I going to do with my life?’ I was staring down 30. I was lost, confused.’”

Why Adams Stopped Having A Crush On Dicaprio

Adams appeared as a guest on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to talk about her movie, “Nocturnal Animals.” While there, Colbert asked the actress if she’d had any crushes when she was younger.

The actress revealed that she previously had a huge crush on DiCaprio, her co-star in “Catch Me If You Can.” “I had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio,” Adams said. “Not in ‘Titanic,’ though, but in ‘Growing Pains.’ Yeah, he was like, super young and really pretty.”

In the movie, Adams played the role of a candy striper which was DiCaprio’s character’s love interest. Colbert asked her if she had ever been bold enough to approach DiCaprio on set, and she said, “No. Because nothing really kills a crush faster than working with somebody.”

The 42-year-old further clarified that it wasn’t in a bad way. According to her, meeting and talking to the actor nullified any feelings of infatuation. She said, “Not in a bad way! Not in a bad way! Just sort of like [killed it] in a great way! ‘That was over!’ But no, like you get to know him, and it’s not like the fantasy of the person anymore… Now it’s Leo.”

Adams Was Told To ‘Eat’ Dicaprio’s Face During A Scene

Most actors aren’t strangers to on-screen intimacy, and Adams is one. The actress has locked lips with many celebrities in her successful acting career. While filming “Catch Me If You Can,” the director, Steven Spielberg, gave her some rather precise instructions to follow while kissing her love interest, DiCaprio.

Adams told Parade that the director informed her to not hold back while kissing him and to essentially “eat his face” during a scene. “They were setting up the shot, and I was just inches from his face; I actually did think once, ‘OK, now I’m going to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio.’ But it was more than that I really had to go at him and climb on top of him,” Adams said.

“Steven Spielberg’s direction to me was, ‘Eat his face like a hamburger.’ Steven said, ‘You’re starving, and you’re looking at him like a hamburger or maybe an ice cream cone.’”

Adams In ‘Nocturnal Animals’

“Nocturnal Animals” was released in 2016 and based on a 1993 novel titled “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright. The movie’s main characters were Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, who played Susan Morrow and Edward Sheffield, a divorced couple.

The movie’s plot followed Susan, an art gallery owner, as she read a new dark novel her former husband wrote and linked the similarities between the book and their previous relationship. The book’s dark content shocked Susan and led to her reminiscing about how she met her husband and their marriage.


Their marriage dwindled down because of Edward’s fledgling career and Susan’s dismissive attitude towards his author aspirations. Susan eventually cheated on him with Harrow Morrow, leaving Edward to marry Harrow.

Edward’s attempt to repair their relationship died off when he learned that Susan was pregnant and had an abortion to sever all ties with him before she left. At the end of the movie, Susan finished the book and arranged a restaurant meeting with Edward but was ultimately stood up.

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Amy Adams Lost Her Crush On Leonardo Dicaprio After Working With Him