Ben Affleck On Playing The Leading Man And Why Denzel Washington Does It So Well

Some of the biggest Hollywood actors are pretty much above reproach when it comes to their acting skills. Denzel Washington is one such star, and even has better performance expectations than fellow A-Lister Will Smith. He’s working with some of the best directors in the game, and his colleague Ben Affleck has now expressed why he thinks Washington plays the leading man so well, and why it’s such a difficult undertaking in the first place.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly about George Clooney’s film The Tender Bar, where he plays one of the leads, Ben Affleck broached the subject of acting the star and playing the leading man in films. Affleck explained the difficulty of these tasks, and how getting older, coming to terms with who you are and being able to decode certain feelings makes it all a little more simple. He also sent out some major props to Denzel Washington, saying that it’s stars like him that make the leading man role admirable. As Affleck put it:

It’s deceptively difficult to play the leading-man role. It’s like Denzel [Washington], you just can’t help but like him and want to be him and admire him. That’s a level of being interesting so that you draw people in. One of the nice things about getting older, if you’re lucky, is you stop bullshitting yourself and you start going, ‘You know, I actually know where my feelings are. And the more I figured it out, the more accessible that was. I know what painful is and I know what disillusioned is and I know what ambivalent is, I know what nostalgia is.’

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Ben Affleck On Playing The Leading Man And Why Denzel Washington Does It So Well