Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk Will ‘Pass The Banner’ To Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk

Mark Ruffalo seems confident Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk will be able to succeed Hulk as the angriest Avenger of them all in the MCU.

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The Avengers are in for a renewal phase, and that means Dr. Bruce Banner is ready to pass the mantle to a younger green individual. However, actor Mark Ruffalo isn’t flustered by the idea of She-Hulk taking over the Hulk’s role in the MCU.

As of now, the She-Hulk release date is still pending, though the series is expected to hit Disney Plus somewhere towards the end of 2022. Besides casting announcements and a very brief teaser, not that much has been made public about She-Hulk‘s plot and setting, with the presence of both Abomination and Professor Hulk himself in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings being the last time audiences caught a glimpse of MCU characters more closely tied to Banner.


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Recently, during a brief red carpet interview with Access Hollywood, Ruffalo touched upon the matter. He referred to his She-Hulk co-star Tatiana Maslany as “fricking legendary” in the role, especially due to the way She-Hulk and the OG Hulk will interact with one another. The most noteworthy aspect for the actor is the opportunity to see Hulk interact with someone close to him, considering that he’s only been stuck in his Professor Hulk form for relatively little time.

Keep in mind that in Marvel Comics, She-Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters, is Bruce Banner’s cousin. Per comics lore, she ends up receiving the gamma superpowers due to a blood transfusion gone wrong from Dr. Banner himself. She-Hulk is often portrayed as a more light-hearted version of her cousin, something that will bode well for her own solo series, written by Jessica Gao, a Rick and Morty veteran who worked on the acclaimed “Pickle Rick” episode.

Unlike many of the other Avengers actors, Ruffalo never got a solo movie as the Hulk, meaning audiences never got to see the character with him in the spotlight for an extended amount of time, as most of his more meaningful moments and assertions came from his relationship with Black Widow. Perhaps this is what go Ruffalo excited, as he now gets a chance to act as a mentor, just like Hawkeye did, while also pulling off his best De Niro and Brando type of acting in the MCU.

Do keep in mind the team behind She-Hulk has referred to the series as a legal comedy of sorts, and the MCU recently recruited one of the world’s most famous lawyers in Matt Murdock. Guessing from the way Charlie Cox has addressed his Marvel future, these two could face each other in court sooner rather than later.

She-Hulk is expected to premiere on Disney Plus in late 2022.

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Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk Will ‘Pass The Banner’ To Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk